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Welcome to the Partner Portal brought to you by the Monticello Housing Authority.

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Please note the changes in the Terms of Service; user fees will now be assessed each January 1st!!!!

By logging into this site, I agree to the following terms of service for the Monticello Housing Authority (herein referred to as MHA) Landlord Portal:

  1. I have read, understand and agree to all of the specified terms of service for the MHA Landlord Portal.  These terms of service may be changed at any time, without direct notice to the user.  Users are instructed to read terms of service each time they log in to the Landlord Portal.  If you disagree with any of the terms of service, you agree to discontinue use of the Landlord Portal. 

  2. The Landlord Portal is for authorized users only.  Each user is responsible for creating and maintaining a user name and password for log in.  This information must be kept confidential by the user and is not to be given to anyone but the user. 

  3. User is responsible for all activities performed under user’s name and/or password.  The user is required to notify MHA immediately of any breech in security or confidentiality of user’s name and/or password.  MHA is not liable for any loss incurred by a user as the result of unauthorized activity utilizing their user name and/or password.  Tenant information obtained through this Landlord Portal is also to be kept as confidential by the user.

  4. MHA is offering Landlords a free trial period of use.  Free trial ends at 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 1, 2015.  Users that do not opt out by deleting their user account will be assessed an automatic $35.00 fee from their first HAP payment following the expiration of this free trial period.  Creation of an account subsequent to the free trial period will be assessed the $35.00 fee from the first scheduled HAP payment. 

  5. There will be an automatic $35.00 annual fee assessed for each registered user of the site each year on January 1.  Fees will be assessed automatically for each active user, unless the user opts out by deleting their user account prior to the fee assessment.  Annual fees will be deducted from Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) due the first month following creation of a user account.  Thereafter, each year on January 1, the annual fee will be assessed and irrevocably due.  This fee will automatically be deducted from the first HAP payment payable to the user.  No refunds will be given for assessed fees if a user chooses to opt out during the year.

  6. MHA reserves the right to terminate access to Landlord Portal for any user that is found to be misusing the site or information contained therein.  Further, any other conduct that violates the terms and conditions of site use, or any conduct that may cause a breech in security or confidentiality will also be grounds for MHA to terminate user access. 

  7. No warranties, either expressed or implied, are provided for the accuracy or completeness of the data within the Landlord Portal by MHA.  Landlord Portal is provided on an “as available” and “as is” basis.  MHA shall not be liable for any service interruptions or uncorrected technology errors.  MHA does not make any assurance that services provided through the Landlord Portal will meet all user’s needs or requirements.

  8. If any of the terms of this agreement are found to not be enforceable, the remainder of the terms shall not become likewise null and void, but rather shall remain in full force and effect.

By using the Landlord Portal, you agree that you have read, fully understand and accept all terms and conditions as stated above.